Freitag, 11. April 2008

Picknick days!

The last days were a foretaste of summer!

So we had a great time outside ...

Today we had a lovely first picknick with friends and spent the whole day in the Prater ...
Seriousely... we left at 9:00 and came back at 19:00!!!

Yesterady we went to the postoffice early in the morning to send out the orders ... yes, they are finally done but today I got 6 new ones, so I guess felting has to wait again : (((

After a short stop at Maran (organic supermarket) we went straight away to the playground to meet some friends ...


Pug Buggyboard?

Sisterl love


And again I Moritz was kinde enough to let me work on my orders ... at least for a certain time ; )

So I´m sorry- no new crafty pics just family life! (click to see more pics)

And tomorrow we´r going to a fleamarket with a couple of friends ... third time since Moritzs birth!!! I´m all ecxited!!!

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