Samstag, 12. April 2008

Fleamrket goodies ...

... it was just a short visit (much to short for all those goodies there) but it was defenitely worth it !!!
Unfortualtely my husband to-be wanted to go kite surfing today so I had only little time to go through all that great stuff over there *buuhaaa* but he deserved it - he has a two week tutorial now and has to stay in the lab from early in the morning untill late in the evening so it was ok.

Here is our prey (Beute?) ...

Toys for Moritz, crafty stuff for me and some cloths! And I payed less than 30.-

If you want to enlarge it just click on the pic our visit my flickr !

Moritz is sleeping and I´m going to look through my "new" zines!


  1. ohh that cloth in the middle is so cute!

  2. Isn´t it! But what shell I do with it? Use it for Moritz or sew something? Ideas?

  3. oh...du warst aber erfolgreich!
    ich finde den kleiderbügel super...und das rote kleid ist süüüüß!!

  4. Auf dem Kleiderbügel hing die Lederhose ... den ahben sie mir einfach mit eingepackt, dabei hätt ich auch dafür gezahlt *G*
    Und ich glaube alles wo Tupfen daruf sind kann nur süß sein *fg*

    lg und schönen Abend noch!